When we’re rejected by those who we really want to be accepted by, whether it be in a relationship, amongst your so called friends, in your family or even in society. This tends to play on our emotions the harder we try where we’re pushed away, the more things become complicated and therefore without us even realising we created a space for negativity.

Negativity is like an illness. The definition of an illness is : ” A disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind.”
Negativity is an illness affecting the mind the more we fuel this disease the more aggressive it becomes, the more depressed we feel, our self worth is questioned and our minds are now slowing shooting bullets at our self esteem.

So we search for an antidote, something to remove this unpleasant feeling. How do we get out of this cycle. The only way is to finally realise your worth by understanding what you’d accept and what you’d reject for yourself to be happy.

For example if you’re in a toxic relationship you’re holding on to this person who keeps bringing you down. Every negative word he/she may say makes you feel less worthy but you hold onto this person because you invested your time, you shared secrets and moments with this person and the memories are way too many to just let go. So you sit there hoping and waiting for this person to change but they don’t and they keep ripping you apart. At some point the realisation of how toxic this relationship is has to hit you, it’s time to let go for yourself, for your well-being for your own happiness. You need to become positive again and find yourself without someone bringing you down. Your worth is not defined by how someone else sees you. It’s not defined by your partner, your friends, your family or your society. Your worth is defined by you as an individual, if you look within you and your intentions and your heart was or is in the right place for a person or a group of people then take that intention and let it define you. Look for the good even in a bad situation and understand when to let go of a toxic and negative situation.

You owe it to yourself. You’re worthy. You’re not your past . You’re worthy of love. You’re going to forgive yourself for not being strong enough to believing in yourself.  You’re letting go of failure, loneliness and self hate. You’re going to become positive, you’re going to love yourself and you going to slowly move away from all the negativity you don’t need or deserve in life.  Let’s face the facts life is short and wallowing in a hole of negativity is a waste of space and time, things may get tough and life may knock you down but you need to stand back up wiser and better than before, every experience has a lesson grab it with two hands and learn from it.


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